The median price for homes at Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood /Stoneybrook Master is $628,631, making it more expensive than 86% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 81% of U.S neighborhoods. With rental prices currently unreported.

Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood / Stoneybrook Master is a part of Orlando with large (four or more bedroom) single-family homes and medium-sized three-unit apartment complexes. Most residential properties in this neighborhood are owner-occupied.

The Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood / Stoneybrook Master neighborhood is a great place to live if you are looking for newer, more modern homes dating from 2000 or more recently,
The area also features some incredible older properties built between 1970-and 1999.

One can find fewer vacancies in Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood / Stoneybrook Master at 5.7%, which is much better than the 65% of all U.S neighborhoods. The demand for real estate in this neighborhood is above average and may signal either price increases or new construction of a residential product.

It won’t be long before your perception of wealth changes when you come to know the people here. A mere 4% percent or less of America’s neighborhoods are wealthier than this Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood / Stoneybrook Master neighborhood.

The people in this area are some of the most fortunate because their homes tend to appreciate over time, and they drive luxury cars regularly.

The residents of this neighborhood are not satisfied with public schools, so they send their children to private preparatory schools. They also enjoy summers in Europe and often vacation at Disney.

The wealth in this neighborhood is evident, and It is wonderful to see that this neighborhood has such a low rating for child poverty.

The neighborhoods of Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood / Stoneybrook Master may hold the key to understanding how people live in America. In these two areas alone, 82% are married, which is higher than 99% of U.S neighborhoods.

In the Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood / Stoneybrook Master neighborhood, 85.6% of adults have received at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree – which is higher than average for an American neighborhood at 32%.

Turnberry Pointe At Eastwood / Stoneybrook Master is one of the best neighborhoods in Florida for families. It’s more family-friendly than 99% of other places across this state.

This neighborhood is a perfect place to raise your family, and this is it. With top public schools and low crime rates, and owner-occupied single-family homes – what more could any parent ask for? Many other families also live here, making community-building easy.

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