The median real estate price in Avalon Park is $338,304, which makes it more expensive than 53.9% of the neighborhoods found in Florida and 57% in all U.S neighborhoods. The average rental fee in Avalon Park is $2545. It costs more than 79% percent of all other residential areas across our fine state.

The community of Avalon Park is a great place to call home, and The real estate here consists largely of medium-sized three or four-bedroom single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. Most residents own their property.

The Avalon Park neighborhood by Orlando, Florida is a great place to live if you prefer newer homes. Many of the houses in this area were built between 2000 and more recently, with some dating as far back as 1970. The vacancy rate in Avalon Park is lower than 59% of neighborhoods across America.

The Avalon Park neighborhood is a great place for college students. It has excellent walkability and safety, which makes it an ideal spot to live while you’re studying on campus. The excitement here fluctuates with the university seasons, but parents can rest easy knowing that this neighborhood has an above-average safety rating.

This neighborhood is a great place for college students and highly educated executives. It’s among the top 2% of Florida communities that are best suited to people looking forward in their careers. With a higher concentration of residents currently enrolled in college than 95.3% of neighborhoods across America.

Here’s your chance to reside in a newer neighborhood. The high proportion of new homes means that you will feel like an early adopter. If looks and ambiance are what matter most, then this place has it all–with over 79% being built after 1999 You’ll love how everything just feels new too.

The people of the Avalon Park neighborhood have more South American and Lebanese ancestry than nearly any other place in America. In fact, 12.7% are From South America, while 1 percent carry Lebanon in their genes.

The neighborhood of Avalon Park has a lot going for it linguistically. For example, 1% percent of residents five years old and above primarily speak Portuguese at home; while this may seem like a small percentage, it’s actually higher compared to other neighborhoods in America.

This Orlando neighborhood is an upper-middle-class area with high incomes. It has a higher income than 78% of neighborhoods in America. The fact that 9.9% of the children in this neighborhood are living below the federal poverty line is a lower rate than 52% of U.S neighborhoods.

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