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Northeast Coconut Grove

Northeast Coconut Grove is a beautiful urban neighborhood in Miami, Florida. It’s located on the ocean, which makes for some amazing views.

This coastal community has new construction homes with luxurious features like private pool access or large decks that are perfect if you’re looking to invest your money into building a vacation home instead of renting one out every year when summertime comes around.

The pristine waters of the Northeast Coconut Grove are a perfect spot for fishing and swimming. Whether you want to take an afternoon tea by one of our many parks or enjoy some time alone on your own boat, we have what it takes to make any day feel like paradise.

The Northeast Coconut Grove neighborhood is a highly sought-after area in Miami. The median real estate price of $1,406,466 makes it more expensive than 98.7 percent of other areas throughout Florida, as well as 97.9% nationwide.

The Northeast Coconut Grove neighborhood is a rare find. With such high property prices, it might be difficult for you to get your hands on one but if that isn’t an issue, then consider yourself lucky because this area has some seriously beautiful homes.

The Northeast Coconut Grove neighborhood is a great place to live. The average rental price there currently stands at $2,710, and it’s higher than 88% of all other neighborhoods across Florida.

The beautiful Northeast Coconut Grove neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for something small and cozy or large enough that will fit your family’s needs. Whether it be an apartment complex with medium-sized efficiencies high rise apartments where each floor has its own private balcony overlooking lush greenery below, there really isn’t any bad option when choosing this area as home.

The Northeast Coconut Grove neighborhood is a beautiful area of Miami, Florida. In this part, there are many different types and ages of homes that homeowners have made their own with pride over the years. The people of the Northeast Coconut Grove neighborhood love living on or near to water. They have access not only to amenities but also to enjoy recreational activities like fishing, swimming, and boat rides.

The Northeast Coconut Grove neighborhood in Miami has a high proportion of residents who work from home, avoiding the commute entirely. This could be because it’s an expensive area to live and people want their money spent wisely on things like transportation rather than feeding into rising fuel costs by driving everywhere every day.

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