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Sunset Acre Estates is a beautiful suburban neighborhood located around Miami, Florida. This area has an average population density that makes it perfect for those who want to live their life without any hustle and bustles of downtown traffic or city noise.

The median real estate price in this neighborhood is $2,200,971, which makes it more expensive than 99.2% of the other neighborhoods in Florida and 98.8% nationwide. The high price of homes in this area is a major factor why it has such luxurious amenities.

The beautiful sunset views are worth every penny in this gated community. The average rental price here is $2,362, which makes it higher than 77.7% of neighborhoods across Florida.

In case you’re looking for a home in the Sunset Acre Estates area, your options are as diverse and limitless as they come. You can find everything from large single-family homes with multiple bedrooms to cozy apartments perfect if this is only a temporary living situation until something more ideal becomes available again.

The Sunset Acre Estates neighborhood is home to many older, well-established homes. These houses were typically built between 1940 and 1969 in this highly sought-after part of town with incredible views that won’t be matched anywhere else. There are also new construction projects happening now too so you can get your hands on one if desired – just remember they tend towards higher prices than more recently constructed properties due mainly because it’s rare for these types of buildings’ land values not only exceed but rival those found along coastlines where blue sky scenes like ours often dominate daily life (literally!).

The people in this neighborhood are some of the most educated and wealthy individuals around. They live comfortably, but not too lavishly considering their high positions within society; many hold executive roles with big companies that keep them busy throughout day-to-day life yet allow for time at home evenings after long days spent working together as one family unit. If you’re looking into moving near your boss or other executives who share similar lifestyles–check out Sunset Acre Estates today.

The workforce in the Sunset Acre Estates neighborhood is 66.6% executives, managers, and professionals, which makes up a higher proportion than 95 percent of all U.S neighborhoods with such high-level people. This points out how unique it really stands apart from others across America.

Miami’s Sunset Acre Estates neighborhood is one of the most wealthy places in America. The people who live there make up way more than 93% of other neighborhoods, which means this area must be doing something right.

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