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Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a small community by Miami, Florida, that feels like an urban center. It’s home to many people who work downtown and enjoy being so close by when they want some time off from life on their feet all day long.

The Coconut Grove neighborhood has something that will fit your needs whether you’re looking for a luxurious lifestyle or just want to downsize. The median homes price in this area is over $657K which makes it more expensive than 90.5 percent of neighborhoods across Florida and 85.9% nationwide.

Coconut Grove is an expensive place to live in Miami, Florida. The average rental price here currently stands at $2,944, which makes it higher than 93% of all other neighborhoods across this great state.

Coconut Grove is a great place for those who want the amenities of city life with easy access to nature. The real estate in Coconut Groves consists mainly of small and medium-sized homes, as well an assortment of high-rise apartments that provide you with all your daily needs without sacrificing privacy on either end.

The Coconut Grove neighborhood is home to a number of different types and ages of buildings. Many residents own their homes, but there’s also an assortment that renters can enjoy as well. Many homes in this section were built between 1970 – 1999, while others more recently came up through 2000 or later on as well.

Same-sex couples are becoming more common in Coconut Grove, with 1.7% of residents living there having a same-sex partner. This is greater than 95.4 percent of neighborhoods across America which has an equal number or less concentration on these types of relationships.

In case you are looking for a place with charm, opportunity, and character, then the Coconut Grove neighborhood could be your paradise. With 40.2% of homes here categorized as rowhouses or other attached housing units, this area brims with potential to find just what suits all needs – from small apartments perfect if space is limited at home up through large single-family houses that require more than one level but offer roominess too.

Coconut Grove is a neighborhood in Miami where executives, managers, and professionals make up 66.4% of the workforce which stands out since it is higher than 95.5% of other American neighborhoods. This means that this area’s culture has been developed mainly by people who work hard at their careers for success – it really feels like home.

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