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Brickell Hammock is a coastal neighborhood that is a part of Miami, Florida. It’s located on the ocean or some other body of water that separates two landmasses such as bays and sounds. This means you’ll often find homes here with views toward either sunrise over pristine beachfront property or sunset over gorgeous palm trees when they’re lit up beautifully at night.

The Brickell Hammock neighborhood is an exclusive area of high-end homes. The median real estate price of $550,744 makes it more expensive than 85% of other areas throughout the state and 81% nationwide.

The average rental price in the Hammock neighborhood is currently $3,249. This makes it higher than 95% of all Florida neighborhoods.

Brickell Hammock provide a lifestyle that is perfect for those looking to be close together and enjoy nature’s beauty. It has been reported Hammock real estate primarily consists of small apartments, medium-sized homes with three or more bedrooms, as well as single-family houses depending on the size you’re interested in finding your next property.

Brickell Hammock is an interesting neighborhood because it has a higher proportion of large apartment buildings than 99.6% of all the other neighborhoods in America. The architecture here really stands out, with most residential properties being characterized as either high-rise apartments or complexes rather than single-family homes. With 97.6% of the residential real estate here classified as large apartment buildings, this area stands out from other neighborhoods around town by having one heckuva lot more high rises than most places do.

The percentage of individuals who work from home is higher in this city than it would be for most places across America. In fact, 16% or so choose to do so, which may not seem like a large number but actually accounts for more homes with an office space here as well than found in 98.3% of the neighborhoods across the nation.

The Brickell Hammock neighborhood, in particular, has a higher concentration of people living alone than most all other neighborhoods across America. With 47 percent or more homes being single-person dwelling units, it outshines 95.7 percent of other American neighborhoods.

Consider the Brickell Hammock neighborhood in Miami if you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet place to retire. It offers residents above average safety ratings, has an enviable mix of housing options available (including single-family homes) that are all close by so they can walk or bike anywhere without having too far drive on public transportation–and it’s only getting better since more people realize how great this area is.

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