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Miami’s Brickell Key is a coastal neighborhood that has been home to many people over the years. The area offers some pretty amazing views of either boat bobbing up and down on the water or sunbathing dolphins playfully jumping about.

Miami is among the most expensive cities in Florida, if not America. The Brickell Key neighborhood median real estate price ($916K) makes it more costly than 92.4 percent of other areas across this state and 89.6% nationwide.

The Brickell Key neighborhood is a luxurious and expensive area to rent in. The average price for renting an apartment there currently stands at $3,698 – which makes it far more costly than 97.9% of all other Florida neighborhoods.

The Brickell Key neighborhood is among the most popular for real estate near Miami, Florida. The area has a mixture of small and large apartments, including studio to four-bedroom units in high-rise buildings as well as townhomes or homes with lots on them that can be found near schools. The variety here will suit any lifestyle, so if you’re looking around this part, it may be worth taking some time out from work today.

The Brickell Key neighborhood is one of the most unique in America. About 98.8% of this area’s residential real estate consists of only high-rise apartments, which makes it stand out compared to 99.8% of other neighborhoods across our country, where you’ll find larger houses rather than units.

The people in this neighborhood are more educated than most. About 45% have earned at least one Master’s degree, medical, or law certificate – which is higher rates for these types of degrees compared to 98.8% of other American neighborhoods.

Divorcees will find a sense of community in this neighborhood since 21 percent of its residents are divorced. The divorce rate in the Brickell Key community is higher than 98% of neighborhoods across America, making it a great place for those who have experienced breaking up or divorces.

The Brickell Key neighborhood in Miami is a place where people go to live their professional lives. With 68% of the population employed as executives or managers, this area has more professionals than any other location across America and truly shapes what it means for your character if you’re one too.

The Brickell Key neighborhood is an interesting place to visit because of its sheer size. The majority, 98.8% to be exact, reside in large apartment buildings such as multifamily complexes or high-rise apartments which makes this area stand out compared with other neighborhoods across America where residential real estate mainly consists of small homes – usually single-family houses.

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