WonderWorks Orlando is a large, white building that looks as if it was dropped by some sort of divine force. It’s a unique place to go when you want an escape from reality and all its troubles. You can enter this world and experience new things for yourself.

WonderWorks Orlando is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends or family. The theme park has fun and hands-on science activities for people of all ages and levels of understanding.

WonderWorks is an educational institution that was once a laboratory. After one of its scientists’ experiments went wrong, it became upside down and now resides in Orlando, Florida, where all the exhibits are on their fronts instead. As you walk through the inverted tunnel to enter this world beneath ground level, everything will be right side up again-but don’t forget about what lies beyond. The stories behind each exhibit await those who dare dive into discovery.

The moment you walk into this museum, all of your childhood memories come rushing back. You think to yourself, “This is exactly what I remember!” as soon as the doors open up and allow for passage through them into another world where anything can happen-including meeting new people who are just like us.

WonderWorks Orlando is an educational haven where children and adults alike can explore the world of STEM through interactive exhibits. From learning about extreme weather to putting their physical limitations at risk, there’s something here for everyone.

Situated at 9067 International Dr., Orlando, FL 32819, WonderWorks Orlando is the perfect place for thrill-seekers of all ages. You can play with impossibly large bubbles, experience electricity in a whole new way through their Tesla coil interactive exhibit, and ride the Earthquake Café while you’re at it.

WonderWorks is among the best tourist attractions in Orlando for families who all love a little oddity. The interactive exhibits and entertaining presentations teach you something new about your world while allowing children to be active learners, creating lifelong memories that will last forever.

The WonderWorks attraction combines education and entertainment with more than 100 hands-on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark imagination. With 35 thousand square feet of “edu-tainment,” this park has something for everyone.

This is an educational institution where you can explore the world of science and learn about how it all works. The laboratory was once top-secret, but now guests visiting Orlando, Florida, are able to see this wonder for themselves.

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