The Winderlakes / Westminster Landing median real estate price is a tidy $619,694, which makes it more expensive than 90.5% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 85% of all U.S neighborhoods. The average rental price here around Orlando, FL currently stands at $2,643, which makes it higher than 86% percent of all other neighborhoods in Florida.

The Winderlakes / Westminster Landing neighborhood is made up primarily of medium-sized three or four-bedroom to large single-family homes with various combinations that include both owner-occupied properties as well as rentals. The area also has an abundance of high rise apartments. This neighborhood is a great place to live if you prefer newer homes. There are many new construction houses that were built between 2000 and earlier, as well some dating back up through the 70s.

The real estate market in Winderlakes / Westminster Landing is more competitive than most American neighborhoods. Vacancies are low, which may be an indication that either price will increase or new construction of residential products for this area might happen soon enough.

One way that this neighborhood really stands out is by having more large 4, 5, or even additional bedroom homes than 98% of all other neighborhoods in America. As you walk around the area, your eyes will be met with an impressive display of size, which makes for quite a statement indeed.

The Winderlakes / Westminster Landing neighborhood is one of the wealthiest communities in America, and this area boasts some very rich people who take care to maintain their properties’ value over time with proper real estate maintenance practices. A mere 4% percent or less of neighborhoods across this great nation is wealthier than ours, which means we’re part of an elite group that holds our value well.

The people living in this area are high-class individuals. They prefer luxury brands like Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. If public schools aren’t up-to-snuff here, though, there are always private prep school options for your kid. Vacations don’t come much better than Disney World, but if you want something, more European summers offer plenty as well.

The Winderlakes / Westminster Landing neighborhood is considered one of the best places to live in Florida; It’s better than 93 percent of Florida neighborhoods. It is good for the executive lifestyle community. Residents here are wealthy professionals with postgraduate degrees. The homes here feature spaciousness and a high level of appreciation, which make them attractive options among professionals.

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