Tree Hill Nature Center is a hidden gem in the heart of Jacksonville. It began as an unassuming little park, but with time has grown into something much more beautiful and versatile – now hosting events year-round such as nature hikes or pond skating.
A butterfly festival is an event that brings people from all over Florida to witness more than 1,000 butterflies released into the air around Jacksonville. The Tree Hill Nature Center’s annual celebration began as a way for locals and visitors alike could enjoy this beautiful phenomenon together while learning about its conservation efforts at large.
The Tree Hill Nature Center, situated at 7152 Lone Star Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32211, United States, is a great and beautiful place to go if you want the opportunity of observing butterflies and hummingbirds up close. Every spring, they have an amazing display in their gardens that will leave your heart full.
The fascinating creatures at The Tree Hill Nature Center include lizards, snakes, possums, and goats. On-site animals such as chickens or frogs can be found in addition to owls for those who like their feathered friends.
The Tree Hill Nature Center offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of nature’s most interesting creatures. In addition, visitors can participate in their ” Animal Encounters” Program, which allows them the chance to touch animals like bears or panthers without having an encounter.
In case you’re looking for the best tourist attractions in Jacksonville, look no further than Tree Hill Nature Center. The nature center has plenty to offer and will create memories that last a lifetime.
Tree Hill Nature Center provides educational programs and low-cost access to natural spaces for the community. The center promotes environmental stewardship through its hands-on approach in teaching people about nature while also helping them understand how they can be better protect it themselves.
Tree Hill Nature Center is a great place to spend an afternoon with friends and family, whether you’re looking for nature study or just want some peace. The 51-acre park has three ecosystems that provide different landscapes – all within walking distance of one another.
Tree Hill Nature Center is committed to teaching environmental stewardship by engaging with natural Florida habitats and providing unique hands-on educational programs. A resource for sustainable living, Tree hill offers visitors an opportunity they won’t find anywhere else: interaction greenspaces near Jacksonville Beach as well as swamps of Northeast Florida.

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