The median real estate price in Timber Isle / Timber Pointe is $466,017, making it more expensive than 76.2% of the neighborhoods across Florida and 72% of U.S neighborhoods. In addition, the cost of renting a home in this neighborhood is higher than 88% of other neighborhoods across Florida. The average rental price in this area is $2,852.

This part of Orlando, FL is home to medium-sized homes and townhomes. Most of which are occupied by their owners. In the Timber Isle / Timber Pointe neighborhood, you will find a variety of homes. Some are newer, while others date back to 1970 or more recently.

The real estate market in this area is relatively stable. There are only 3% vacancies, which means that demand for property far outweighs supply; the construction or price increases may signal that things could be on the horizon.

The Timber Isle/Timber Pointe neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for new developments. With over 80% of homes here built after 1999. The homes in this neighborhood are so unique that they practically dominate the landscape. There is a mixture of ages of residential real estate in most communities, but here it’s almost exclusively built during a one-time frame: 2000-today.

The charm of row households is something special. And in sheer abundance, this neighborhood truly stands out with its ambiance and character, which are hard to match anywhere else. With a higher proportion of row houses and attached homes than nearly any neighborhood in America, this area is one of a kind. 29% percent or so are classified as such.

The Timber Isle / Timber Pointe neighborhood has more large 4, 5, or extra bedroom homes than 95.8% of communities in America. When you drive around this neighborhood, it’s easy to tell that the size of homes here is something special.

In the Timber Isle/Timber Pointe neighborhood, many people’s commute means walking from the bedroom to the home office. In fact, 21% of residents worked at their desks in this manner – higher than 97% for any other area across America.

The Timber Isle/Timber Pointe neighborhood is a great place to live if you want an executive lifestyle. It’s better than 91% of Florida neighborhoods for this type of housing, and there are plenty of spacious homes with high real estate appreciation rates.

The highly educated executives and family-friendly environment make this neighborhood an excellent choice for anyone looking to live in the area with school-aged children.

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