The Orlando Museum of Art, situated at 2416 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, United States, is a great place to visit in Florida. The museum’s permanent collections include artwork from all over the world, including American Indian art and bronzes by African artists today-there truly will be something for everyone.

The museum opened its doors in 1924 and is now one of the region’s main cultural institutions. The goal was to encourage a love for art as well as education regarding it, which they have done so successfully over time with many additions made throughout history.

The beautiful Orlando Museum of Art strives to be an inclusive, innovative institution that inspires people with new ideas. They have programs for all ages and backgrounds in order to create cultural legacies within Central Florida while positively affecting their lives through inspiring educational experiences that will last into the future.

The OMA is a cultural leader in the Central Florida community and beyond. Through the exhibition, it will teach art to everyone from toddlers up to college students with its educational programming that influences mindsets on all levels while broadening your perspective of what’s possible.

Whether you’re looking for a new favorite painting or want to learn more about the history behind it, this museum has something that will appeal. With 10–12 exhibitions on site and 13 offsite ones each year, as well as award-winning art enrichment programs with unlimited gallery tours, teacher in-service training sessions, video presentations, and lectures from notable speakers and artists alike, there is no shortage of options when visiting the Orlando Museum of Arts.

The art museum is a perfect place to go if you want an inside look into the aesthetics created by one architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The mid-century modern design throughout this museum gives visitors insight into how people lived during that era and what they were thinking about when designing their homes or buildings.

The magnificent Orlando Museum of Art has an extensive collection that includes American art from the colonial period to today’s date; African pieces reflective of diverse cultures across Africa, including those found in Egypt, Nubia (Saharan), and the Kongo Kingdom (central region). The most recent addition is contemporary paintings, which showcase works by masters like Jackson Pollock, so you can enjoy them no matter your taste.

The Orlando Museum of Art’s mission is to provide people with great art, and it does just that! The museum has consecutively earned its second 4-star rating. This means they exceed industry standards by adhering only to the best practices in finance while executing their purpose efficiently-all without breaking your bank account or keeping you waiting in line forever (or both).

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