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Miami’s hot spot for adventure seekers is the Monkey Jungle. This 30-acre wildlife park features many types of monkeys that have been bred in captivity and are now on display to educate visitors about these adorable but endangered animals.

What would it be like if you were trapped in a cage while the rest of your flock roamed free? Well, at Monkey Jungle, that’s exactly what happens. You will get to experience being among these adorable creatures who can’t help but generously offer their natural curiosity and playful nature to all visitors.

The Monkey Jungle is a great place to go if you want an up-close encounter with some of Earth’s most amazing creatures. The grounds are home not only for tropical forests but also many different types and breeds in need of help from humans, such as chimps who have been captured by traders orangutans whose wild habitat was destroyed due to their trees being logged down so they can be used primarily because it provides employment opportunities while maintaining commercial poaching networks which leads us into another topic altogether: conservation.

With over 30 species and 400 individual primates, it’s difficult to believe that the small area of land in central Florida is home only to one type. You will walk through tunnel cages so you can see these amazing animals as they go about their daily lives free from human contact or captivity.

Situated at 14805 SW 216th St, Miami, FL 33170, United States, Monkey Jungle has an exciting show for you! You’ll get the chance to see some rare animals up close and personal, in their natural habitats. As entertaining as a circus but way more engaging because it’s real-life footage with no edits or tricks – just pure jungle action.

Monkey Jungle is Miami’s most unique place to have an environmentally friendly adventure. Whether you are looking for close animal encounters or just some time away from the city, their 30-acre park has something that will suit your needs. They also host events such as birthday parties and festivals, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today if this sounds interesting at all because there’s no better way than theirs – excuse me while I go make myself scarce.

The founder, Joseph DuMond, had the idea to start the United State’s first free-range monkey colony. Joseph began with 10 acres of land and Java Monkeys in order for him to have access through breeding programs or captures from other facilities where they are most often kept cramped together on small spaces, making them stressed out, which can lead to aggressive behavior, among others things. After surviving attacks by animal activist groups who opposed his business practices -he eventually succeeded today, standing strong against all odds at this unique location called “Monkey Island” located near Miami (FL).

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