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Mold is a fungus that spreads through spores into air and water which causes mold to form on the surface. The appearance of mold can be quite ugly and could be harmful to your health if it is not effectively controlled. It can be found everywhere. It is found on any object, in the air we breathe, and even in your home. It causes ugly stains that may cause negative health effects like respiratory problems or allergies.

The growth of mold can be rapid especially those areas that are subject to high moisture levels. Bad air circulation and bathrooms that are damp are the ideal breeding grounds for mold. Mold is a recurring issue of many houses around the globe because of its capacity, but also how quickly it spreads.

We are Florida Mold Masters, we are the best in our field. Our professional services will ensure that your business and home are free of dangerous mold spores. We are specialists in the areas of mold inspection, testing, mold removal, mold cleaning as well as air quality testing drying services, as well as restoration of water damage.

Inspection of Mold

Call a professional when you need to take care of mold. A professional’s inspection will determine the urgency of the issue and determine the danger to your health by analyzing the types of mold within the home.

The presence of mold can lead to a host of problems. It can trigger a variety of issues. Furthermore, it’s impossible to determine which chemicals could reside within the building, meaning that anything near them could also be toxic.

At Florida Mold Masters, we offer mold inspection services for both residential and commercial properties. Our inspectors will carry out an extensive assessment of your property to find any signs or evidence that could lead to the occurrences of mold growth within your property, so you can act accordingly.

Mold Testing

At Florida Mold Masters, we are experts not just in conducting mold inspections but also testing for mold. If you have noticed evidence of the growth of mildew on the surface of your property It is essential to notify us right away. We will take samples from the affected areas and wait until they become warm and windy.

We carry out a variety of different types of testing. We typically test for mold by using the use of air samples, swabs or tape lifts. These tests can be very effective in the industry since they are well-suited for their job.

Mold Removal

Mold can start growing in less than 48 hours after water damage occurs. The growth of microspores of mold can be result of damp organic material or high humidity, which are the most necessary factors for the fungus to invade your home . So ensure you keep them under control soon.

At Florida Mold Masters we employ a variety of methods for removing mold and products to ensure your environment is back to what it was prior to, safe for your health.

Mold Removal

When you’re faced with the issue of cleaning your home of mold after a nasty mold infestation, it can be difficult to know what kind will work best. Florida Mold Masters uses a effective and efficient mold removal procedure that doesn’t make our clients at risk for future mold infestations.

When dealing with mold, one must always make sure they have access to high-impact services and an efficient pricing structure to ensure that they don’t to make any customer feel unsatisfied when performing professional mold removal. Florida Mold Masters is the ideal choice for the task. Contact us now.

Air Quality Testing

It’s a natural component of our environment and affects everybody in a different way. There’s an opinion that we must maintain indoor counts lower than outdoor levels, however no one is unanimous in this regard.

Mold spores can create huge issues for people suffering from asthma attacks, allergies and other allergies. for children, who are the most at risk because their lungs may not fully developed. Also, it’s been proven harmful if you have allergies as many molds release allergens in certain environments that are high in humidity levels near water sources such as sinks or bathtubs.

When you call Florida Mold Masters a call for all your mold inspection/testing needs, we will also provide an air quality test. If there are any contaminants in the home that could pose a health risk, they can easily get treated before it is too far.

Drying Service

The first step to ensure that your property is set up with the right amount of moisture is a mold inspection, testing, and cleanup. Our drying services take it an extra step. They don’t just take care of the mold problem, but also prevent it from growing again.

Cleaning after flooding or the removal of mold is not just a chore however, it could also be hazardous. We offer a variety of services for cleaning that include removing and cleaning mold-damaged homes and businesses according to the industry standard.

Restoration of Water Damage

The first step of water damage restoration is to clear all floodwaters. Florida Mold Masters is an expert in extraction methods and can solve your issue right away when you call.

When you call Florida Mold Masters, we’ll arrive at your property damaged by water with the most modern methods to eliminate any issues caused by water damage.

It requires a team effort to combat extensive water damage. This can take several hours before you can begin restoration work for water damage. Florida Mold Masters has the experience and knowledge to accomplish this. Since their primary task is to clear obstructions efficiently and without causing further damage Our experts are skilled in extraction methods.

Why choose us?

At Florida Mold Masters, we are proud to offer expert removal and remediation of mold to realtors, homeowners, contractors, or anyone else who requires them. Our family-owned business offers the ability to remediate mold and also emergency restoration services for water damage. If you suspect your home has the presence of mold We have licensed technicians who can assist.

Contact us if found mold in your home We’ll guarantee that we’ll examine your home as well as conduct any testing in the event that is required, and provide you a price estimate within 24 hours of examining your home and the affected areas.


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