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The fungus mold is one that can spread via the spores in water and air. This causes mold growth on surfaces. It can be extremely unsightly and even dangerous for your health if it is not effectively controlled. It can be found everywhere. The presence of mold is everywhere, on any object and in our air and even inside our homes. Mold causes unsightly stains that may cause negative health effects such as respiratory ailments or allergies.

Mold can grow quickly especially in areas that are susceptible to excessive moisture levels. For example, bathrooms with dampness and poor air circulation provide the ideal breeding ground for mold. Many homes are concerned about mold because of its spreadability and ability to expand.

We are Florida Mold Masters, we are the most effective in our field. Our expertise will ensure that your business and home are safe from dangerous mold spores. We are experts in mold testing, mold inspection the removal of mold, mold cleaning and air quality testing drying service, and water damage restoration services.

Mold Inspection

Call a professional when you need to get rid of mold. A professional’s inspection will assess the urgency of the issue and determine the danger to your health depending on the type of mold present in your home.

Mold can trigger a variety of issues. The presence of mold can cause a myriad of problems. There’s no way to know the chemicals that could be in them, which means that anything nearby may become toxic too.

We are Florida Mold Masters, we provide services for mold inspections for commercial and residential properties. Our inspectors will perform thorough inspections of your property to find any evidence or indicators which could be indicative of the presence of mold.

Mold Testing

Florida Mold Masters is not only an expert in mold inspections, but also in mold testing. If you have observed evidence of growth of mildew on the surface of your property It is crucial to call us immediately. We will gather samples from affected areas and wait for them to become warm and windy.

There are a few different kinds of tests we can perform. Most often, we test for mold using air samples, swabs, and tape lifts. They can be very effective in our industry as they’re well-suited to their intended purpose.

Mold Removal

Mold can start growing in just a matter of 48 hours after water damage occurs. Germination of microscopic mold spores is caused by moist organic materials or high humidity. These are the most necessary factors for this fungus or spores to take over your home – so make sure you have it under control quickly.

We at Florida Mold Masters We use a variety of removal methods and products to ensure that your environment is to the way it was prior to, safe for your health.

Removal of Mold

It can be difficult to select the best way to clean up mold when you need to clean up a mold issue. Florida Mold Masters Florida Mold Masters take an affordable and complete mold cleaning process that makes sure our clients will get lasting results without spending a fortune or leaving them vulnerable from coming back again in future.

Professional mold removal demands that you have easy access to both high-impact services and a reasonable pricing system. Florida Mold Masters is the right choice for the task. Call us now.

Air Quality Testing

Mold is a normal part of our surroundings and is a problem that affects everyone differently. Some believe that indoor counts should be lower than outdoorcounts, there are many who disagree.

Mold spores can trigger huge problems for people with asthma attacks and allergies. This is especially true for children, who are the most vulnerable due to their lungs not yet be fully developed. The sufferers of Hayfever may also be affected by mold spores. This is because many molds can cause allergies in high humidity areas near water sources like bathtubs and sinks.

Florida Mold Masters will provide an air quality test when you call us for mold inspection or testing. In this way, if there are any contaminants within your home which could be hazardous to health They can be quickly treated before it’s too for too late.

Drying Service

The first step to ensure that your property is set up with the right moisture levels is to inspect for mold, test and cleaning. Our drying services take it one step further. They do not just fix the mold, but they also make sure it doesn’t grow again.

Mold removal or flooding can cause headaches but they can also be, but also dangerous. Along with eliminating and sanitizing the premises and homes from dangerous mold that is based on the industry’s standards and regulations We also offer a variety of cleaning services.

Water Damage Restoration

The initial step in water damage restoration is to clear the floodwaters completely. Florida Mold Masters are experts in extraction methods that can solve your issues immediately when you call us.

Florida Mold Masters will arrive at your residence with modern techniques to stop any damage that is caused by water damage.

It takes a team effort to tackle the massive water damage. It could take several hours before you can begin restoration work for water damage. Florida Mold Masters has the knowledge and experience required to accomplish this. Our professionals are knowledgeable of all they need about extraction methods as their job involves removing obstructions fast and without causing damage.

Why choose us?

We are Florida Mold Masters, we pride ourselves on providing expert mold removal and remediation to homeowners, realtors, contractors or anyone who requires these services. We are a family owned company that provides mold remediation and removal services and disaster restoration services in the event of water damage. If you’ve realized that your home is hosting a mold infestation, Our trained technicians will be there for you 24/7 to help you with anything related to mold.

If you have found mold in your house, please contact us. We will assess your home, conduct any mold tests needed, and give you an estimate in just 24 hours.


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