Rose Isle / Rowena Gardens

The median real estate price on Rose Isle / Rowena Gardens is $667,281, which makes it more costly than 86 percent of the neighborhoods in Florida and 82% of all U.S neighborhoods. The average rental fee in the Rose Isle / Rowena Gardens neighborhood is $2,171. This is higher than 63% of neighborhoods across Florida.

The real estate market on Rose Isle / Rowena Gardens is diverse, with most homes being occupied by their owners. There are single-family houses that range from small apartments to large five-bedroom mansions. This neighborhood in Orlando, FL is home to some very nice older homes. Many were built between 1940 and 1969, which makes them vintage enough for those who love unique architecture but still modern enough that they haven’t become obsolete yet. 1970s-built houses can be found too.

The 11.7% vacancy rate on Rose Isle / Rowena Gardens is well above average for American neighborhoods, but it’s even more troubling that most of the homes are vacant year-round. This could either mean that there is a weak demand for real estate in this neighborhood, or new housing has been built and not yet occupied. Either way, if you live here, then it’s possible to find many homes/apartments empty.

The Rose Isle / Rowena Gardens neighborhood is a unique place where many people’s commute means walking from the bedroom to their home office. 24% of residents work from home, which may not sound like much, but it is higher than 98% of the U.S neighborhoods. Many people who work from home are engaged in creative or technological economies. This is especially true around Boston, Silicon Valley, and other places where there’s a high concentration of stock exchange, and Other times we’ve seen folks running small beauties.

The adults in this neighborhood are upper-level executives who own stately homes. They tend to maintain high rates of real estate appreciation. Their work schedules keep them busy all day but allow them to live comfortably. If you’re looking for a great executive lifestyle, look no further than this rated “best choice” neighborhood in Florida. It’s better than 98% of the other neighborhoods here. In addition to being an excellent choice for highly educated executives, this neighborhood is also a very good place if you’re looking for requests with urban sophistication and family-friendly amenities.

If you enjoy reading, writing, and learning, then this neighborhood may be the perfect fit for your needs, with a bachelor’s degree earning rate of 75%, which is higher than most U.S neighborhoods and makes it stand out as well.

The beautiful single-family homes in the Rose Isle/Rowena Gardens neighborhood are a perfect example of what makes this area so unique. With 97% percent detached, these houses stand out among other neighborhoods.


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