Ortega Forest

The Ortega Forest neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, is a great place to live if you’re looking for something different. This suburban area has plenty of green space and easy access to shops, schools as well as many other amenities available on every corner.

The Ortega Forest community in Jacksonville, FL, has a median price of about $672K – which makes it more expensive than 89.4% of the other neighborhoods across Florida and 85.2% nationwide.

The average rental price in the Ortega Forest community is currently $2,659. This neighborhood has a greater concentration of expensive rental homes than 87.3 percent of all other areas across Florida.

In case you’re looking for a spacious home with plenty of room to grow, then Ortega Forest is the place. Whether it’s three bedrooms or four, this neighborhood has something that will suit every family member’s needs. With so many large single-family homes available in one location – there’ll never be any need to travel far from work because they are only minutes away via car (or even quicker Uber).

With a majority of adults in the Ortega Forest neighborhood being wealthy and educated executives, it’s no surprise that this area maintains high rates for real estate appreciation. Upper-level careers keep these busy folks rolling up their sleeves but allow them to live comfortably – perfect if you’re looking into making your life more comfortable with some like-minded companions.

The residents of the Ortega Forest neighborhood may hold all the secrets to a successful marriage. About 66.1% are married, which is higher than found in 96.1% of other neighborhoods in America.

The neighborhood of Ortega Forest in Jacksonville is an above-average income area. In fact, this location has higher incomes than 78.7% of the neighborhoods across America.

The people of this neighborhood have a diverse array of languages they prefer to speak when at home with family. The most common language spoken here is English, which accounts for 96% or more households in the area. Other important ones include Spanish and Italian – but don’t worry about trying to get by without knowing any other tongue because, thankfully, there’s always room for improvement.

The Ortega Forest community in Jacksonville, FL, has a number of different ethnicities represented. The most frequent identification is English at 22.1%. There’s also 13.9% Irish ancestry and 12.7 percent German roots among other populations like Cuban citizens or Scotts who moved to Florida years ago.



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