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Mold is a type of fungus which can be spread through the spores it spreads to water and air. It causes the growth of mold on surfaces. The odor of mold isn’t just unattractive, but can be extremely harmful to the health of your family if taken care of in a timely manner. Mold is everywhere. The presence of mold is everywhere, on everything on our surfaces, in our air even inside our homes. Mold can cause unsightly stains and other health problems, including respiratory problems.

The growth of mold can be rapid particularly in areas that are susceptible to high moisture levels. For instance, bathrooms that have humidity and poor circulation become prime breeding grounds for mold. Mold is a notorious concern of many homes around the world due to not just its capability but also how easily it can spread.

At Florida Mold Masters, we are the best in our field. With our vast experience, you can rest in the knowledge that your house or business will be protected from the harmful mold spores by using our professional services. Our experts are trained in mold inspections and mold testing, as well as clean-up of mold tests for air quality, drying services, as well as water damage restoration.

Mold Inspection

Consult a professional to remove mold. An inspection by a professional will help determine how urgent it is and if your health could be in danger based on the kind of mold that is found in the property.

The presence of mold can lead to a host of problems. Mold can cause many problems. Plus, there’s no telling which chemicals could reside within them, so anything in the vicinity could become toxic.

At Florida Mold Masters, we provide mold inspection services for commercial and residential properties. Our inspectors will conduct an in-depth inspection to determine any indications or signs that could potentially lead back to the growth of mold within your property, so you can take action accordingly.

Mold Testing

We are Florida Mold Masters, we are not only experts in conducting mold inspections, but also testing for mold. If you have identified or fear that there might obvious signs of mildew developing on the surface of your property, then it is highly recommended that you call us right away so that our team of our company can take samples of airborne spores from areas that could be affected – simply wait until the spores start to blow around.

There are many different kinds of tests that we conduct. The most commonly used is in relation to mold, and comprises air samples, swabs & tape lifts. They are effective methods to use in the industry because they serve their purpose effectively.

Mold Removal

After flooding, mold can start to grow within 48 hours. A high humidity level and moist organic materials can trigger microscopic mold spores to sprout. This is why it’s essential to eliminate these spores as soon as is possible.

At Florida Mold Masters We use a variety of removal methods and products to ensure the environment around you returns back to what it was before, but is more secure for your health.

Removal of Mold

It isn’t easy to select the best method of cleaning mold when you need to clean up a mold issue. Florida Mold Masters uses a efficient and cost-effective mold removal process that does not leave our customers at risk of recurrence mold infestations.

In dealing with mold, you must ensure they have access to high-impact services and a cost-effective pricing system so as not to let any customer be unhappy when it comes to professional mold removal. Florida Mold Masters is the most suitable company to handle the task, so don’t delay in giving us a an immediate call.

Air Quality Testing

Mold is a natural element of the environment that has a variety of effects on everyone. While some believe that indoor numbers should be less than outdoor, it is not the case for everyone.

Mold spores can cause huge difficulties for those suffering from allergies , including asthma attacks for children, who are the most vulnerable because their lungs may not fully developed. It’s also proven to be risky if you suffer from allergies like hay fever since many molds release allergens in certain conditions that are high in humidity levels near sources of water like sinks and bathtubs.

Florida Mold Masters will provide an air quality test when you contact us to request mold inspection/testing. If there are any toxic substances present in your home, you can have them removed before it is too to late.

Drying Service

The first step to ensure that your property has the proper moisture levels is a mold inspection, testing, and cleanup. After that comes our drying services that go one inch further than helping fix any mold present; they also stop it from happening once more by making sure that there’s no more growth onsite through these procedures.

Mold removal or flooding can be more than a hassle however, it is also a danger. In addition to removing and cleaning commercial and residential properties from harmful mold based on industry standards and regulations We offer a number of cleaning services.

Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to water damage restoration the first step is to remove all floodwaters that are still standing or have settled. Florida Mold Masters are experts in extraction methods and can resolve your issues immediately when you contact us.

When you call Florida Mold Masters, we’ll arrive at the property with the most up-to-date techniques to fix any issues caused by water damage.

The teamwork is crucial when dealing with massive water damage that can take many hours before starting repair work for water damage on the spot It takes knowledge and know-how that Florida Mold Masters possess. Our Pros know all they need to know about extraction techniques since their work involves removing obstructions swiftly without causing more harm to the property.

Why choose us?

We are Florida Mold Masters, we believe in offering expert mold remediation and removal services to realtors, homeowners, contractors, or anyone else who requires the services. Our family-owned business can provide restoration of mold as well as urgent water damage restoration services. If you suspect that your house is affected by a mold problem, our licensed technicians can assist.

If you’ve found evidence of mold in your house, please call us. We will inspect your property, perform any mold tests needed, and give you fast estimates within 24 hours.


If you require water damage and mold remediation restoration services in Florida, pay us an appointment for a thorough inspection and repair.

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