The suburban Mandarin neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, is a place that will make you feel at home with its bustling street life and relaxing parks. 

The Mandarin community near Jacksonville, Florida has a median real estate price of $455,232, which is more expensive than 78.9% of other communities across Florida and 74.8% nationwide.

In the Mandarin neighborhood, renters can expect to pay a higher average rent than those living anywhere else in that state. The current price for an apartment there is $2,327, which is higher than 76% of other neighborhoods in Florida.

The Mandarin neighborhood is a fantastic place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes. The real estate here primarily consists of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) and large houses, with some mobile homes located throughout the area as well.

This is also the perfect place to find your next home. You’ll be able to live with all of these great amenities. Not only do you have a variety in terms of streets sizes but also price ranges, from budget-friendly homes right up through large houses that might suit larger families or groups who want their own space away from everyone else around them. The Mandarin neighborhood offers something for everyone here at affordable prices coupled with high-quality living conditions.

The Mandarin neighborhood is a hub for new developments, with many houses being built every year. A lot of the residents that live in this area were born there or have grown up around it because they prefer its aesthetics over other neighborhoods where newer buildings might not be as present. Amenities such as grocery stores are just minutes away, so you can always find what your family needs without having to go out into traffic.

It is a well-known fact that the Mandarin neighborhood is home to some of America’s most exclusive real estate. Not only does this area have an owner-occupied property rate higher than 99.6% of other neighborhoods, but it also includes single-family homes, which means there are more residents who live in homes that belong only to them than anywhere else nationwide.

The great thing about living in this neighborhood is that you’ll have plenty of space to yourself. With 97% single-family homes, there are more here than found in 95.8% of neighborhoods across America.

The people of the Mandarin neighborhood may have a leg up on successful marriages. In fact, almost 70% are married! That’s higher than 98.6 percent of other American neighborhoods.



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