The Kingsley Plantation is an excellent example of Southern grandeur from before the Civil War era. It’s less unlikely to imagine that this was how life used to be for wealthy plantation owners, complete with slave labor and elegance galore.
The Kinglsey Plantation is a fascinating place to visit. It’s not just one plantation, but 25 different cabins that were once home for slaves on Zephaniah Kingsley’s vast farm. The buildings left behind tell stories of hardship and hope–a glimpse into our past when people were still considered property rather than human beings with equal rights under the law.
Kingsley Plantation is the last remaining plantation house in Florida. Built more than a thousand years ago, Native Americans once lived here, and some visitors swear they’ve spotted several ghosts on the property today- with guided tours available for those who want to see these supposed hauntings firsthand.
The Kingsley Plantation is not only a historic estate but also home to the remains of twenty-five tabby slave cabins and a barn. This must-see tourist attraction will leave you feeling like your time spent was worth every second.
Kingsley Plantation is more than just bed and breakfast; it’s an experience. The tours are passionate, informative, and entertaining, with plenty of opportunities for interaction between guide members or audience members who want more personal time in private groups during our plantation visit trips.
Step into the past and experience a journey like no other as you tour historic plantations in Jacksonville. The Kingsley Plantation is filled with breathtaking sites that will take your breath away while also educating visitors on how people lived back when this was still an uninhabited area of land.
The planter’s home on Fort George Island is a historic site, with roots dating back to the 18th century. It has faced many threats over time, including fire and hurricanes, which have made it vulnerable for years until finally restoration efforts were taken in order to preserve what little remained of this structure so visitors can still enjoy seeing where early settlers lived out their lives while also learning about why they built here specifically- because there was plenty more land available.
Situated at 11676 Palmetto Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida, Kingsley Plantation is a place of natural beauty and history where you can enjoy free admission, an audio tour through our website, or an explanation with transcripts in case any questions arise. To ensure your pet has fun, too, they recommend they stay close by—their favorite part might just be walking beside them on one.

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