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For those individuals who love nature and exploring new things, there is no better destination than Jungle Island. This Miami attraction offers a variety of activities for all ages, including animal encounters with exotic species.

Jungle Island is a great destination for nature lovers and fun-loving outdoor enthusiasts in Miami, FL. The animals here fuel your child’s curiosity about what it feels like to be outdoors while also teaching them history with artifacts from around the world on display at their museum.

The Jungle Island park has been around since 1916, and it’s still going strong. It started out as a small zoo called “Jungle Island Zoological Park.” Over time though, their name changed to reflect the changes that were happening in society- from being known primarily for animals you could see outdoors or those who lived on display inside cages; now there are many different interactive exhibits where visitors can learn all about tropical rainforests without ever leaving your seat.

Over the years, Jungle Island has had many different owners and names. The most current owner purchased it in 1988 when they changed its name from Jungle Island Zoological Park to what we know today: jungle island.

Jungle Island has a new focus, and they’re proud to say that it’s all about the environment. They want their guests, both children and adults alike will enjoy getting up close with animals from around this world in their natural habitats–without any human interference.

The beautiful Jungle Island is an organization that takes part in not only conservation efforts but also education programs for people who want to learn more about rare animals and their environments. Jungle Island is among Miami, Florida’s most popular attractions, with more than a million guests visiting each year.

Situated at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132, United States, Jungle Island provides a day out like no other. A once in a lifetime experience that will be remembered forever, whether it’s for your company picnic or large group outing with friends and family. With their amazing animals from all over the world waiting to interact heartily at their respective exhibits – you’re sure not going want this place filled up any time soon.

You can have a truly memorable wedding at Jungle Island. They offer many locations to choose from, so you’re guaranteed not only perfection but also the perfect setting. They have several venues that will meet any need and can’t be beaten with their views. The Bloom Ballroom provides a magnificent view of Miami from atop our city’s tallest buildings while still being able to keep guests close by on floor seating or dance comfortably under candlelight in between beautifully landscaped gardens filled.

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