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With more than 100 thousand square feet of exhibit space, the HistoryMiami Museum is a veritable museum for all ages. From artwork dating back to ancient times and interactive displays that allow you can touch or feel what life was like during different periods in history–the History Miami Museum has something, everyone will enjoy.

The voices of Miami are preserved and shared at the HistoryMiami Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate located downtown. The museum protects our past to inspire learning about the place while cultivating an engaged community that values history as they should know it.

Situated at 101 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33130, United States, HistoryMiami Museum is committed to providing the community with access to information on some important moments in Miami’s past. They do this by hosting exhibitions and artistic endeavors like their City Tours program, which gives tourists an inside look at sites all over town through history-inspired artwork; education programs that teach children about local flora or fauna (like dolphins) while exposing them early myths surrounding these creatures—and so much more.

Among the best ways to learn about our city’s rich history is by visiting HistoryMiami Museum. You’ll be able to connect people from all walks of life, learning more than just facts but also engaging in fascinating stories that make them feel like they are partaking in something bigger.

HistoryMiami Museum is an amazing museum that has been accredited by the American Alliance of Museums since 1979. This means it met rigorous professional standards and was chosen as one out of two history museums in Miami-Dade County to be part of this elite group.

HistoryMiami has been welcomed into the prestigious Smithsonian Affiliations Program (In July 2011), which will allow them to bring world-acclaimed exhibitions and resources from historical institutions all over America. This new partnership means more opportunities for History Miami in programming and collections work as well as scholarship.

The history of Miami is a colorful one that dates back to the Native Americans. This museum provides a comprehensive look at what has happened around Miami since then, with plenty for visitors interested in up-to-date facts on how it’s changed over time.

One can never get enough of informational and educational touring! The HistoryMiami Museum has something for everyone, with exhibits on historical artifacts from around the world, including ones focused directly at Pan American World Airways; local artisan works such as guitars played by notable musicians in this area who were also born here; sacred religious items that date back centuries ago when these religions first started coming into existence; you’ll even find some art pieces created during your tour today and rotating shows about how pop culture was influenced heavily due to what life was like right here In Miami Beach during different periods throughout its existence.

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