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Green-Mar Acres is a perfect suburban neighborhood to call home if you’re looking for something different from the hustle and bustles of downtown Miami. The houses in this neighborhood are more spacious, with large yards that offer plenty of space both indoors as well outdoors.

The Green-Mar Acres neighborhood is among the most expensive by Miami, Florida, with a median real estate price that exceeds $895K. In fact, this area has higher property values than 93.7 percent of neighborhoods across Florida and 91.1% nationwide, which makes it an excellent place for those looking to live their best life.

The Green-Mar Acres neighborhood is one of the most expensive rental neighborhoods in all of Florida. The average cost to rent here – $2,506-is higher than 82% percent of other areas in our glorious state.

The picturesque Green-Mar Acres neighborhood is a haven for those who want to live in the suburbs without giving up their city feel. The homes here range from small single-family houses with just one or two bedrooms all the way up through five-bedroom mansions, so there’s sure be something that fits your needs.

Green-Mar Acres is considered one of the best neighborhoods for executive lifestyles. This trait ranks it as better than 94.2% in Florida, based on traits like wealthy professionals and managers who choose to reside here; spacious homes that are prominent features across this real estate market (with high appreciation rates relative to others nearby); you get all these things with a little something extra–a sense of community involvement too.

The people living in the Green-Mar Acres neighborhood are some of the wealthiest and most educated you’ll find anywhere. This partaking makes it one percent higher than average for income levels, which means that even though it is not at an extremely high end like Beverly Hills – someone who lives here will have more money saved up due to their costliness to live here. This part of Miami has an average income that’s greater than 91.6 percent of all other areas around America.

The languages most often spoken in the Green-Mar Acres neighborhood are Spanish and English, with 63.6% of households using Spanish while 33.8% using English for communication purposes in their households.

The Green-Mar Acres neighborhood is home to some very different types of people. While most residents are employed in executive, management, and professional jobs (61.2%), there’s also 22.6% who work as sales representatives or service workers such as those found at fast-food restaurants.

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