The price of a home in Granada Villas / Vizcaya is higher than 92.4% of the neighborhoods across Florida and 89 percent within America’s greatest country – The United States. The cost of renting in Granada Villas / Vizcaya is currently lower than 66% of Florida neighborhoods. The average rental price here is $1,712.

The Granada Villas / Vizcaya is a community that offers many opportunities for homeowners. The homes in this community range from small single-family houses to large apartment buildings with three, four, five, or more bedrooms. This is one of the best neighborhoods and home to many modern-day amenities. The area has newer homes that were built between 2000 and more recently as well as older ones from 1970-1999.

The current real estate vacancy rate in Granada Villas / Vizcaya in Orlando, Florida is 24%. This means that there are many apartments and homes available for rent or purchase, but they may be occupied by vacationers during peak seasons. You’ll often find these areas filled with college students who live here year-round because some rooms might be left vacant when schools break up for summer vacation. The buildings in this neighborhood may be empty year-round.

Granada Villas / Vizcaya neighborhood has been known as one of Florida’s most sought-after retirement homes. For many reasons, this area may be perfect for you. Living in this Florida neighborhood is perfect for seniors who want to retire comfortably. The crime rates are lower than in most places. If you are looking for an excellent place to live while attending school, this neighborhood should definitely be on your list.

The Granada Villas / Vizcaya is a beautiful, newer community in which you will find many homes that were built after 1999. With 68% of the population consisting of these modern-day buildings, it’s no wonder why so much feels new.

The people of Brazilian and Puerto Rican descent make up a large percentage of the Granada Villas / Vizcaya neighborhood. In fact, 5% are from Brazil, while 16 percent have Puerto Rico as their heritage. This community is linguistically diverse. Significantly, 5 percent Speak Langs from India at home, and this may seem like a small percentage, but it’s higher than most neighborhoods in America.

The Granada / Vizcaya neighborhood has a high concentration of executives and professionals. In fact, 46.5% are employed in these fields, which makes it one of the best areas for working professionals. Additionally, there is significant representation from sales-related jobs such as major accounts or working at fast-food restaurants where 35% of the residents are employed.

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