Gilmore is a great suburban neighborhood to live in if you’re looking for something more low-key but still a part of Jacksonville, FL. It’s close enough that there are plenty of activities and entertainment options within walking distance, but it still has its own quiet moments where people can peace out on their front lawns or walk around town with friends during off-hours.
The gorgeous Gilmore neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Florida. With its $418329 median real estate price, the Gilmore neighborhood is more expensive than 74.6% of all the neighborhoods in Florida and 71 .5 percent across America.
The Gilmore neighborhood in Florida is one of the most expensive rental areas. The average cost to rent an apartment here currently stands at $2,778 – which makes it higher than 90.3% of other neighborhoods across this state.
The Gilmore neighborhood is a great place for those who want the comforts of home, with plenty of space and amenities. There are single-family homes that range from small apartments to large houses as well as high-rise condos in this area.
The vast majority of homes in this neighborhood are single-family houses, which means there is an impressively high proportion compared to other neighborhoods. With 99% being detached and made up only by free-standing buildings instead of apartment complexes or other types, it can be said that these properties account for almost all the residential real estate here.
The people in this Jacksonville neighborhood live a life of luxury. They’re wealthy enough to afford anything their little hearts desire, and with an average income that surpasses over 88% of other neighborhoods around America.
The Gilmore neighborhood is an incredible place to call home. Not only does it have one of the lowest childhood poverty rates in America, but 0% percent are children living below federal guidelines, which shows how much these residents care about their future generations.
The languages spoken by individuals in this area are diverse. These rankings show the most common language heard on a day-to-day basis at home, as well as some other important ones you might not know about! The neighborhood’s dominant tongue is English -spoken by nearly over 94.1 percent of households here, while several other households communicate through Spanish or Polish.
The Gilmore neighborhood in this part of town is not too bad when it comes to getting around. Most people (91%) drive themselves, and those who live here also carpool with coworkers or friends sometimes for safety’s sake, but more often than not, they find owning their own vehicle useful because public transportation can be slow at best.

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