Friendship Fountain is an iconic destination in the Jacksonville, FL area. The world’s biggest and tallest fountain back when it was built, this popular tourist spot moves more than 17k tons per minute with three separate pumps.
Even though it’s no longer at its highest point, the Friendship Fountain is still an impressive sight. The jet streams can reach heights of 100 feet in the air and make for some cool pictures.
The Friendship Fountain is the perfect place to watch fireworks because it has an open area of water that you can see all across. The colored lights flashing on special occasions make this spot even more beautiful and memorable.
The Friendship Fountain is a great place to take pictures because it has some of the most beautiful lights around. Once you’re there, be sure not to miss out on taking your own picture with one of these iconic landmarks by using our filter.
This is a nice spot when the sun is beating down on you to have where there are no calendars and only nature. The Friendship Fountain allows visitors an escape from their busy lives in Jacksonville with its cool waters that refreshingly splash out into small pools at your feet as well as underneath them – all while offering peace of mind.
You’ll never think of a hot day the same way again after visiting Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville. The calm, refreshing environment makes it easy to forget all your troubles and enjoy life while enjoying some watery fun.
The Friendship Fountain is a must-see in Jacksonville. You can relax by the water, have lunch or do some yoga while you’re there and take plenty of selfies for your loved ones on social media. But don’t forget to strike up a conversation with someone, too – it might end up being one friend that finds their way into another’s life because they trusted what was inside themselves over Instagram filters alone.
Situated at 1015 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207, United States, Friendship Fountain has a whole lot going on! There are drinking fountains, picnic tables, and trash barrels for your enjoyment. You can also enjoy the lighting of this beautiful place with friends or family when you come to visit us in person – just make sure that no one tries to jump into any water because it might be too high from recent rainstorms…although if someone was really determined, I’m pretty sure they could find their way across using those pipes overhead as stepping stones.

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