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Fair Isle is a beautiful coastal neighborhood around Miami, FL. It’s one of those places where you can just feel the ocean air fill up every cell within your body as soon as it hits this area. The laid-back atmosphere in this coastal community is tempered by the tensions inherent to living so close to Miami’s bustling city life. A neighborhood rich with culture, natural beauty, and tradition – Fair Isle has something for everyone.

The Fair Isle neighborhood in Miami has a median real estate price of $1,404,826, which is more expensive than 98.9% percent of the neighborhoods across Florida and 98.2 percent nationwide.

The cost of renting a home in this area can be quite high, with an average rental price around $3k. This is higher than 93.7 percent of all other areas across Florida.

The small to medium-sized apartments in this area offers a great place for those who want easy access and affordable prices. Some folks like living here because it has everything they need without having too much hustle from their day job, while others may be looking at these properties as an investment opportunity with possibilities on the rise thanks to recent development projects happening around town.

The nautical feel of the Fair Isle neighborhood is something that will be sure to catch your attention. From its scenic views and sounds, this coastal spot has everything you’re looking for in terms of attractions.

The people of the Fair Isle neighborhood, in fact, live lives that most Americans could only dream about, with an average income far higher than what is seen nationwide. As one might expect, given this elite status and rich amenities for residents to enjoy, real estate here tends not only to maintain its value but also appreciate it over longer periods when compared against other neighborhoods on similarly grand scales.

The high concentration of professionals and executives living in this neighborhood makes it a great place to live. The character is largely defined by these people, who come from many different backgrounds but want the same thing: an opportunity for success within their field while also making enough money that they can support themselves without having any outside obligations or concerns taking up all of the time on top off work.

The people in this part of Miami are some pretty wealthy neighbors. They make it among the 15% highest income neighborhoods, and their money seems to go a long way because these folks live well above average lives.

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