If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your vacation, Discovery Cove is the perfect destination. Visitors will be able to explore ocean life in a more natural setting, including snorkeling along coral reefs and diving underwater with full dive helmets while also swimming among stingrays or taking baths with dolphins.

Visitors to Discovery Cove can enjoy a variety of activities, including snorkeling along the coral reef and underwater with full dive helmets. Visitors also have access to stingrays as well as dolphins, who are eager for company in their natural environment.

You, too, can take dips in pools or lagoons, snorkel with marine wildlife and feed tropical birds. There is also a free-flight aviary where you may see great food being served! Get ready for an underwater walk that will leave your heart racing as well-all while enjoying the beauty of Discovery Cove’s unparalleled settings teeming over everything around us. This place truly has it going on.

For those who love the outdoors, Discovery Cove is a haven for them. Visitors can get up close and personal with exotic birds in a large aviary on the site while walking along one of the many rivers that flow through the area. They can also explore and swim in its soothing waters.

With its beautiful waters and sandy beaches, Discovery Cove is a must-see for anyone looking to relax in paradise. The pools are perfect if you want an activity-fueled splash session or just need some time under the sun with your friends on this tropical island getaway.

Discovery Cove is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Due to its popularity, it’s best to reserve a spot well in advance during peak season if you want access for more than one day.

Situated at 6000 Discovery Cove Way, Orlando, Florida, Discovery Cove is a perfect place to take your family on an Orlando vacation. It has everything from thrilling rides to delicious food, all within walking distance of each other. At Discovery Cove, there are tons of activities for kids as well, so even those with little ones in tow will have plenty to keep them entertained.

The water at Discovery Cove is always at the perfect temperature, making it the ultimate getaway for anyone who loves being surrounded by beautiful scenery and enjoying an invigorating swim.

Due to limited daily attendance, it is never too crowded at Discovery Cove, which means you can enjoy your stay without worrying about being elbow-to-elbow with other people.

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