Deerwood Club is a great place to call home if you enjoy the suburban lifestyle with all of its amenities and easy access into downtown Jacksonville.
The Deerwood Club neighborhood is more expensive than most areas in Florida, and it has a median real estate price of $484,706, which makes the neighborhood more expensive than 81.3% of the neighborhoods across Florida and 76.9% nationwide. This makes the area an excellent choice for those who want to live comfortably but not lavishly; you can get your fix without spending too much time or money on finding something new.
In the Deerwood Club neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, you can expect to pay a higher price than most other areas. The median rental cost for an apartment is $2,225 per month, which means this neighborhood has a higher rental cost than 71.5 percent of other neighborhoods within our state.
The Deerwood Club neighborhood is a great place to call home. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or your own slice of paradise, this area has it all.
The real estate here consists primarily small (studio) – medium-sized apartments with high rise buildings towering over them in every direction; single-family homes that range from cozy cottages perfect as maids quarters on the upper floors off someone’s house down below ground level where they can have some garden space too if desired.
There are a number of different types and ages residences in the Deerwood Club neighborhood. Most homes here have been owner-occupied for quite some time, with many newer ones being built between 2000-2009 or more recently.
The Deerwood Club neighborhood is considered one of the best places to live in Jacksonville, Florida, if not America. This area has an excellent reputation for being home primarily among executive lifestyles with high rates living well into their golden years due also having plenty of space options available on the property.
The Deerwood Club neighborhood is a great place to live if you want new construction and vintage charm. About 67% of homes in this community were built after 1999, which means they haven’t been sitting on the market long. You’ll love how everything feels “clean” here; no clutter or dirt can be found within its boundaries.
The individuals who reside in this community by Jacksonville, FL are some of the most educated and wealthiest citizens. With an average income that exceeds 70 percent across all neighborhoods in America, it’s easy to see why they would be considered upper-middle-class.


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