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The Deering Estate was the home to one of America’s most influential industrialists and environmentalists, Charles Deering. The estate has been well-preserved for future generations as an accurate replica of what it would have been like in 1920s Chicago with original architecture intact.

The Deering Estate is a historic site listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nestled along South Dade’s coast near Miami, FL, this cultural asset provides an informative glimpse into our past while also remaining mindful of where we are today.

The Deering Estate is a 21st Century museum destination for tourists and local residents. Signature events, programs, or tours are offered throughout the year that provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about history while they enjoy themselves.

Deering Estate is not just an ordinary house with some old furniture. There are many things worth seeing here that will take your breath away and make you speechless. One of those places would be The Cutler Fossil Site, where fossils from ancient times can be found along with items such as Purcells Cove flint blades or broken arrowheads made by Native Americans centuries ago while they thrived in this area before European settlers arrived.

The Deering Estate has a responsibility to preserve and protect the natural environment for future generations. They are dedicated to partnering with The Foundation, which supports their goals through education on environmental science topics like this one.

The Deering Estate is among the most environmentally diverse properties in Miami-Dade County. The estate has 120 acres designated as pine Rocklands, which are globally imperiled habitats with astonishingly rich biodiversity that provides us many unique plant and animal species not found anywhere else on earth.

The state of Florida is rich with natural habitats that provide important services for our environment, like providing food and shelter to wildlife. But these sensitive areas are being destroyed at an alarming rate by development – especially the Deering Estate, where there has been fighting between preservationists wanting it saved as-is vs. those who want progress made on renovating this historic site.

The people of the Deering Estate are dedicated to creating a sustainable environment for wildlife. The estate’s protected zones provide an ideal testing ground where researchers can study and restore damaged ecosystems while also caring about what they do with all this information; it ensures that generations from now, there will still be plenty left in order to explore.

Situated at 16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33157, United States, the Deering Estate is a great and amazing destination for kids of all ages to explore, learn and discover nature. With acres upon pristine acres that provide the highest quality natural resources in Miami-Dade County as well staff members ready with expert knowledge on hand.

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