The median price of homes in Cypress Point / Emerson Pointe is $726,272, which makes it more expensive than 92% percent of neighborhoods across Florida and 87% of all U.S neighborhoods. The cost of renting a home in this neighborhood is higher than 98% of areas across Florida. The average rental price here turns out to be $3,995.

These homes in the Cypress Point/Emerson pointe neighborhood near Orlando, Florida are an example of how to make your home feel like it’s been around for decades. Many have established but not old-looking architecture, with construction happening between 1970-1999 as well as 2000 or more recently.

The Cypress Point/Emerson Pointe has a 13.7% vacancy rate, which is well above average as compared to other U.S communities, higher than 72 percent. A relatively large percentage of housing here either identifies as seasonally occupied or available all year round; this can occur in some markets dominated by colleges and vacation homes alike.

The adults in this neighborhood are primarily wealthy and educated executives. They own stately homes and tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates; they’re too busy working upper-level careers for their money to help them live comfortably. Settling down in this executive lifestyle “best choice” neighborhood is rated as better than 98% of the neighborhoods across Florida.

Cypress Point/Emerson Pointe has more large four, five, or additional bedroom homes than 97.4% of neighborhoods in America. When you walk around this neighborhood, there is no doubt that the size of these beautiful houses stands out, making it a straightforward visual statement to notice.

The Cypress Point / Emerson Pointe neighborhood is a fascinating place where you can find more British and Brazilian people than almost any other in America. 5% of its residents have English roots, while 3% have Brazilian roots. With 3.1% of its residents five years old and above primarily speaking Portuguese at home, Cypress Point / Emerson Pointe is an exciting community linguistically. This may sound like a small percentage; it’s higher than 98 percent of neighborhoods.

The Cypress Point / Emerson Pointe neighborhood in Orlando is among the 15% highest income communities throughout America. 7.3 percent of children under 17 years old live below the federal poverty line, a lower childhood occurrence rate than you’ll find in 59% of all the U.S neighborhoods.

The Cypress Point / Emerson Pointe neighborhood is home to many professionals, with 54.6% employed as executives or managers. A large percentage also work in sales-related fields like those seen at fast-food restaurants.

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