The community of Clarksville is a quaint and quiet community located in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a suburban community with many single-family homes that offer plenty for families to do together outside or inside their home, such as watching TV while eating dinner at the same time.
The median real estate price in the Clarksville neighborhood is $362,317, which makes it more expensive than 65.8% of other communities across Florida, as well as 65.7 percent of all neighborhoods nationwide.
In case you’re looking for an affordable community to rent in Florida, this isn’t the neighborhood for you. The average rental price here is $2,365 – higher than 77.8% of all other areas across FL.
The Clarksville neighborhood is a great place to call home. The real estate here consists primarily of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments that offer various sizes for any family size.
In the Clarksville neighborhood, most of the residential real estate is owner-occupied. Many residences are newer, with construction starting in 2000 or more recently and continuing up until now; there’s also a number that were built between 1970 through 1999 for those looking at buying their first home.
Homes built in the 2000s account for 90.5% of all residential real estate here, with fresh paint and new landscaping nearly everywhere you look; it’s easy to see why these newer homes completely dominate our neighborhood landscape. The homes in this neighborhood are not only newer than most other places, but they also have a fresh look that’s hard to find elsewhere. You can tell immediately when driving through the area because every single building seems like it was just built- new paint jobs on all sides and landscaping everywhere.
This is the perfect neighborhood for upper-level executives who want to live comfortably but not too far from all of their work. The majority here are wealthy and well educated, which means they have higher-paying jobs that keep them busy most days (and allow homes in this area to maintain high appreciation rates). You’ll find it’s just as good an environment if you’re approachable or ambitious–but make sure not to get stuck next door.
In the community around Jacksonville, Florida, there is an upper-middle-class neighborhood that can be found on average with higher income levels than most places in America. The Clarksville area has more amenities for those who live here and enjoy them, including access to excellent schools within walking distance from your home.
The diverse languages spoken by people in this neighborhood are recorded as the ones they prefer to communicate with at home. The most common language here is English, which accounts for 77.4% of households’ speech patterns! Other important varieties include Spanish and Langs of India.


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