The Catty Shack Ranch is the perfect spot for big cat lovers. You can visit their enclosure to see these amazing animals up close and personal, or take one of many educational tours that are available at this sanctuary.
The Catty Shack Ranch is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to see big cats in their natural habitats. It houses lions, leopards, and tigers, among other species of feline varying from dark puma’s with black markings on its face or sleek panther. If you’re not sure what kind your tour guide recommends, we have plenty available at our facility, so feel free to ask them when visiting.
The Catty Shack Ranch is a ranch that saves cats from dangerous situations and gives them “forever homes” in Jacksonville, FL. They have tours available during the day, which are great for adults who want an up-close look at these awesome animals, or if you’re looking more hands-on, then they also offer nighttime ones too.
The Catty Shack Ranch is a place where you can observe animals up close and personal. You’ll want to go, if only for the chance of seeing an exotic animal in its natural habitat. At the Catty Shack Ranch, you can watch as animals feed and interact with them. You will be able to ask questions about their species or learn fun facts that are informative for your knowledge of the animal lifestyle.
Jacksonville is home to many unique attractions, but the Catty Shack Ranch takes it up another notch. The ranch offers visitors an opportunity for close proximity with some wild animals that are usually inaccessible otherwise – like bears. If you get lucky enough, there will be plenty of playtimes as well, so make sure your camera’s ready because this place doesn’t disappoint when their moods run rampant.
Situated at 1860 Starratt Road, Jacksonville, Florida, the Catty Shack Ranch is on a mission to educate the public about owning big cats as pets and the threats they face from changing weather patterns, environmental pollution, etc. They are dedicated to preserving these beautiful animals by bringing them here where it’s safe – away from human hunters.
This fun wildlife sanctuary is the perfect place to spend your days if you’re looking for something different than what’s offered around town. You can watch videos about animals, participate in feedings with live exhibits, and watches them up close. The tour guides are knowledgeable too, so there will be no need to worry when it comes time to explore these beautiful locations.

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