Buenavista Woods / Emerald Forest Orange County has an impressive median real estate price of $629,392. This makes it more expensive than 89% percent of neighborhoods throughout Florida and 83% of all U.S neighborhoods. In addition, the cost of renting a home in this neighborhood is higher than 95% of other areas in Florida. The average rental price here currently stands at $3,430.

The Buenavista Woods / Emerald Forest Orange County real estate market is a great place to find homes around Orlando, Florida ranging from smaller single-family houses to large apartment complexes. Most of these homes are owner-occupied, with primarily three or four bedrooms. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are new, with many being built between 2000 and more recently. However, there is also an assortment of older structures established throughout its history, some as early as 1970 to 1999.

The current real estate vacancy rate in Buenavista Woods/Emerald Forest Orange County is 40.5%. This is higher than 97% of all U.S neighborhoods, and a relatively large percentage, 27% of homes here are seasonally occupied, sometimes by vacationers but mostly college students who can’t afford to live during off-season months when school isn’t session. You may actually be surprised to notice that some buildings in your neighborhood are actually empty if you live here year-round.

The Buenavista Woods / Emerald Forest Orange County community is one of the wealthiest in America, this area rates higher on a scale for wealth concentration, and even during economic downturns, residents here suffer less and recover more quickly than most other places. Just as one might expect for a wealthy neighborhood like this, it has one of the lowest child poverty rates in America.

The adults in this Buenavista Woods / Emerald Forest Orange County neighborhood are largely upper-level executives who live comfortably due to their wealth and education. They enjoy healthy real estate appreciation rates. Highly educated executives will find this neighborhood to be an excellent choice, as well. Furthermore, it’s also a very good place for those who want an active retired life and urban sophistication.

The Buenavista Woods / Emerald Forest Orange County community is a unique place with an interesting way of commuting. The 35% who work from home and avoid traffic altogether. This may not seem like much, but it’s higher compared to other neighborhoods across America.

The Buenavista Woods / Emerald Forest Orange County community is home to more people with South American and Romanian ancestry than nearly any other in America.

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