The median house price in Bay Vista Estates / Heritage Bays is $766,390, making it more expensive than 93.3% of neighborhoods across Florida and 88% of all U.S neighborhoods. In addition, the price of renting a home in this community is higher than 63% of neighborhoods across Florida. The average rental cost here stands at $2,161.

The neighborhood is made up primarily of small to medium size apartments. The majority are in high-rise buildings, with a few single-family homes mixed in here and there. Most residents are owner-occupied. The Bay Vista Estates / Heritage Bays is an area with many different types of homes. There are older houses that were built between 1970 and 1999, as well some newer ones starting in 2000 or later.

Bay Vista Estates / Heritage Bay is a neighborhood where you can find vacant apartments or homes. The current real estate vacancy rate here has been reported to be 59%. This exceeds the number of vacancies found in most parts of the U.S. The seasonally occupied housing here can occur in vacation areas and occasionally, as some apartments are vacant when school isn’t in session.

The vacancy rate in this area by Orlando is higher than 99 percent of all U.S neighborhoods, which can be an indicator that property abandonment or a weak real estate market exists there.

The Bay Vista Estates / Heritage Bay neighborhood is rather unique in that it has nearly all its residential real estate built during one time period – namely between 1970 and 1999. These homes are generally considered established but not old. When you look around the streets in this neighborhood, many of these homes have a similar appearance because they’re all from about one time period. In fact, 87% of nearly every other residential real estate here was built during one time period.

The Bay Vista Estates / Heritage Bay neighborhood has the key to a happy marriage. This is a unique neighborhood that has 72% married residents, which is higher than 98% of all the U.S neighborhoods.

The Bay Vista Estates / Heritage Bay neighborhood is considered a solid choice for executive lifestyles. It’s better than 93% of Florida neighborhoods, based on the wealthy and educated professionals who choose to reside here; spacious homes that are prominent features in this real estate market; and high appreciation rates found within these properties relative to other areas across the state.

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